Damage or accident expert assessment


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Following an accident or damage, insurance requires an accident expert assessment to be carried out. It aims to identify, describe and take notice of the damage suffered by the boat. The owner may also call upon a surveyor in order to get a second opinion. 

Procedure includes:

  • Search for the cause of the damage making a distinction between the ones caused by misfortune at sea or accidents, and the ones which may have another origin.
  • A written record of the estimation of necessary works to be done for reconditioning (number of hours, supplies and labour).
  • A reconditioning quote will be required.
  • An estimation of the damage suffered by the insured will be assessed by the surveyor. It will take into account reconditioning and potential deduction due to dilapidation.

The insurer will determine whether the incident complies with the conditions of his guarantee based on the conclusions supplied by the surveyor.

NB: The examination focuses on the damaged parts of the boat. It may require a stay on land, dismantling, physic-chemical and/or metrological analyses.

A so-called “naval accident expert assessment” is drawn up for the constituent:

  • It is handed in as quickly as possible after reception of the repairs quote.

  • It will specify the works to be done for reconditioning and an estimation (number of hours, supplies and labour).

  • It will be supported by the potential results of metrological, physic-chemical examinations, as well as photos.

  • The expert assessment report will be forwarded by air mail and electronically (PDF document).

Fees : The fees depend on the type of proceeding. A quoted estimation is offered to the enquirer, after having taken note of the general characteristics of the boat and the type of proceeding.

For a free and accurate quote, personalised to your needs, please go to our “Quotes” page.

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