Pre-transactional expert assessment


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Condition and sailability report and estimation of market value

Prior to purchase, this type of expert assessment will enable you to:

  • Know the actual detailed condition of the boat. The expert assessment is similar to an “MOT” or “Vehicle inspection test” (visual report and investigations, measurement of the eventual case of osmosis, search for corrosion, delaminating, visual inspection of the spars and rigging, dynamic trial). An oil check and a wall thickness measurement by ultrasonic on metal hulls (steel, aluminium…), depending on the case, are recommended.
  • Know the value of the boat as well as the potential reconditioning costs.
  • Guarantee the durability and serenity of your investment (technical opinion and recommendations)
  • Insure the boat (report on the sailability and market value for insurance purposes)

Prior to sale, having your boat assessed by an expert will enable you to:

  • Rapidly find a buyer
  • Establish an atmosphere of trust
  • Sell your boat in the best conditions and reach its price on the estimation of the expert.

NB: The price of an expert assessment generally equals less than 1% of the value of the boat.


The naval expert assessment visit:

  • Is preferably held in the presence of the owner or his representative.
  • A top quality assessment will necessarily include both an off-shore visit and a dynamic trial, as well as a “dry” visit, both of them being included in the package
  • Is a detailed visual inspection of the accessible parts, it is non intrusive and requires no dismantling. A complete inspection would require a technical preparation consisting in the complete dismantling of the equipment, the inner plating and everything that would keep the whole of the ship from being accessible. These steps are long and costly and are only undertaken under special circumstances.
  • The boat must have been dry for at least one week in able to measure the humidity level (Tramex osmosis test)


A naval expert assessment report is drawn up:

  • It will be sent to you a maximum of five working days after the end of the final visit (in the case of an oil check, count on ten days after the visit)
  • It will be supported by the results of the metrological inspection, the potential physic-chemical data, the pictures, and the potential recommendations about reconditioning or the necessary check-ups.
  • The report will be sent to you by air mail and via email (PDF document)

Fees: For a free and accurate quote, personalised to your needs, please go to our “Quotes” page.

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