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canstockphoto8596198The Saint-Jours Naval Surveyor office located at Le Marin in Martinique :

  • Independent and mandated by insurers, underwriters, courts as well as individuals. Located at Le Marin in Martinique, operations cover mostly Martinique, Guadeloupe, The West Indies and the Caribbean.


  • Your naval Surveyor is a favoured spokesperson to advise you and accompany you in the acquisition, maintenance, repairs and selling of your boat, and the potential amicable and legal procedures which you will come to face. 


canstockphoto8778220Skills and specialties of the Saint-Jours Naval Surveyor Office :

With more than 15 years of naval experience, Naval Surveyor Bastien Saint-Jours is an experienced professional in his domain, who only operates strictly following deontology rules. The diversity of his professional path has enabled him to acquire the essential skills required for naval expert assessment and advising:


  • Marseille National School for Merchant Navy graduate, he benefited from an excellent naval education. This complete training enabled him to acquire technical knowledge specialised in fields ranging from seafaring to machinery.
  • A career as a universal First Class Officer in the Merchant Navy. Numerous sailing experiences on merchant ships of different types (cable layers, oil tankers, ocean liners, supply) give him the best technical predispositions for naval expert assessment.
  • Sailmaker and then Production manager for a world renowned sail making group. These positions led him to study and practise techniques specific to sails and rigging of pleasure and regatta sailboats. The diversity in sail and boat types he worked on in this company (notably following all kinds of damages) has given him a relevant and well-argued critical sense.
  • canstockphoto5624435A pleasance sailor himself (several transatlantic crossings, multiple convoying experiences in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean) and high level regatta experience as a skipper or professional shipmate (match racing, Tour de France à la voile, world, and European as well as French and Spanish championships on multiple supports), he was able to observe and study a great variety of regatta and pleasance boats. Furthermore, as regatta is highly incident-prone, it raises the chance of damage, accidents and potential legal disputes.

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